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Xenical for sale online here We had a very warm welcome to the World Youth Day Festival in Minsk, Belarus, and to the World Youth Forum in Sofia, Bulgaria. A few of my colleagues in the United States also experienced atmosphere, but I have only brief, very and brief reflections. Minsk, I want to emphasize, is not just one of Europe's great capitals. The city was built on very heart of the Soviet-era mining industry, which, as I note, continues to be a source of strength for the city's economic development. It is a cultural capital for Belarusian culture as well -- which was founded in the 1940s by Belarusian writers such as Stanislav Sunaev and Gisela Bacheva. It has also always been an important gateway to the East, where most of Europe's trade, foreign investment, and cultural exchange is conducted. What I am hoping to talk about today is not just our past but present -- as we look at Russia, see Russia today, as we look at our own future. We are talking about a series of initiatives to promote democracy among the youth in Russia, including election to the Kremlin, presidency, and other key leadership posts. Our country faces a serious political struggle with President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. There is a genuine hope in the world, especially Europe, for a more stable Russia that has a less aggressive foreign policy. The very fact that Vladimir Putin and his colleagues can talk about the right to self-government for youth gives our West hope that there might even be a real possibility of change in the region. They are trying in various ways to convince us of that in the capitals and among representatives of our NGOs. These initiatives also give our people in Russia hope that change is possible, progress will not be halted by intimidation or threats of violence. But Russia's youth leaders must know, and I think they that their efforts are limited by a difficult historical environment in which the old order is under attack day after day. During World Youth Day, we heard reports of the abuse youth at hands of their own government -- in Moscow, Vologda, St. Petersburg, where we went -- and talked of ways to help young people avoid this in the future, order to create a more tolerant, open, and democratic society. One concrete step to help protect the youth from any form of violence or intimidation -- I know that there was a report, I am aware of the xenical reductil bestellen fact that it circulated -- is the development, as we mentioned, of the Youth Council Russia. It is organized under the control of Ministry Education and at the request of President Putin, but has been set up to promote democratic and civic education among Russian youth. The Council has been working for some time. In October last year, xenical for sale online the Council organized first World Youth Forum in Belarus. The attracted 300 young people from the region, with many young delegates going back to Russia continue on with such activities. The Forum has also given birth to a number of initiatives for improving democracy, including the World Parliament of Voters, which will be held in the town of Minsk on April 7. The Forum hopes to bring together youth representatives from many countries participating. It is looking forward to welcoming hundreds of young people from all regions of the world. All these initiatives are a good start Accutane online for sale toward our future -- a Russia as open and democratic the one that has existed in Russia -- a that is not ruled by Putin and the Kremlin but by youth and civic leaders. But we have some work to do on our own side, as well. I would say first and foremost that the United States understands need for us to work together in order develop our own independent, effective policies in the world. We know that Europe and most of the Third World want democracy. We know that most of the world respects people's rights, including human and respect for dignity, including the right not to be tortured, and in xenical behandeling bestellen fact that has been one of the central precepts this century. I do not say we, however, are in a position today to accept the political rule in Russia itself. But we understand that to defend the political freedom in Russia we have to do in many ways through diplomatic and other channels. That is something for which there has been an increasing need. Russia's leadership should understand -- and that was the message we delivered in Geneva -- that, as a great country, world power, that should be our aim. We should be proud of our democracy, and we can be proud of our openness, openness to cooperation with all peaceful means. We have heard President Putin say this very clearly in New York, and I was happy to hear it. And I am a good deal more.

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